Tips To Enhance The Photo Quality In Mobile Phones

With high-end mobiles becoming most important gadget to own these days, it could be very excited to use the camera app that comes along with your phone for something far more exotic and advanced. And mainly, if you know what you are exactly doing, then you could easily get some attractive as well as high-quality results from the default camera app on your Android or Microsoft or Apple devices. Here are few techniques that help you out of it.

Apply the HDR mode automatically

All the latest phone camera apps consists a feature called HDR. Both in IPhone and Android phones, you can find this High Dynamic Range, shortly called as HDR filter in your camera app located on the right of screen. These HDR applies High Dynamic Range filter while the suits it. This High Dynamic Range, in mobile photography allows to keep the lightest and darkest areas of the photos in balance . This option It requires a longer exposure. So while you use this feature, you have keep your phone as steady as you can.

Use the physical shutter button

Keeping your phone in a steady position and then pressing out the shutter button to take the photos could be always the easier task as it often cause your hands or mobile to shake while you are taking the shot. So the solution for this problem is to either use the volume buttons to click the photos (works on most of the android phones and all the iPhones)  or to set the timer to click on the photo. Though this is not going to be always the best option, surely it is the useful alternate.

Change your focus

Whether you are having an Android device or an IOS device, you could simply click on the the screen anywhere to vary the focus of the photo. This change would also vary for level of exposure let you match the spot you have selected. It is the best way in thickening the darker area. iPhone users can click and can keep on holding, to lock the exposure and focus, so that it stays standard even while the phone shakes. You can also hold and drag up to manually change the level of exposure. You can observe sun symbol indicating the changes.

Check our rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is the main thing that let you to frame your shot by mobile phone correctly. Just you have to imagine your shot as split up into the 9 sector rectangles, and then keep the vital elements and objects  running along these lines or close to the intersections where they meet. With the best camera apps for IOS and Android, you don’t have to visualize these lines yourself. For example, on Android device, you could tap the menu button and can choose the settings and then show grid in viewfinder. Whereas, in iOS device, you could go to Photos and Camera in the main Settings app and can click on the Grid switch.