The 5 Common Types Of Photography

The Significance of Different Versions

It must be considered that there exist some different versions of it.  Simply put, the photos need to be expressive in a different manner or often the focus is different in each case.  The conventional wisdom is that a picture can express a thousand words and each attempt at taking a snap must keep this need to be as expressive as possible on top of the mind.  

aerial photography

The Aerial Shot

This is a method of photography that involves taking a picture from atop the subject.  It is the usual practice to take to aerial shots when in an airplane or some means of getting off the ground.  The best effects are had when a sense of floating over an area is brought to a picture.  Aerial photography is in many ways a recent introduction to the field and a style that has had a fair bit of success in the field as well.  Despite its late entry, the style has seen its use in a lot of applications, especially in modern mapping and navigation systems.  

Candid Photography

Here the attempt is to bring in a feel that is as natural as it could get without really bringing out the fact that often a picture is being taken.  This shot is really hard to execute when people are involved as it is often hard to disguise a camera from them.  Help could be taken in the zoom lens that can allow the photographer to be at a relative distance thus in effect not allowing the people in the shot to know that they are being captured on camera.  

Documentary Photography

When some fact or other needs to be brought to the notice of the viewer, it is the most preferred method to use documentary photography.  The stress is on narration of a view or thought than the beauty aspect with this kind of a shot.  Often photo stories are narrated using documentary photography that allows a person to be as expressive with photographs as with any other medium.  It could be said that a photograph is one of the most expressive forms of presentation that is on call for the average documentary presenter.

Fashion Photography

In fashion photography, it is the need to be presentable no matter the subject and background available. The skills of a photographer are tested to the full in needing to be as sharp and as colorful in the expression of ideas.  Often people get to make purchase decisions based on appearances on a fashion photograph and thus this type of photography does call for a certain skill and an eye for the minutest of detail.  

Food Photography

If indeed deceptions can be used to good effect, then it is in food photography.  The color of food can make it either appetizing or repulsive to the onlooker and this fact is taken to the very extreme by the typical photographer to bring in an effect and result that has to be experienced firsthand.  Using as natural a light as possible does help in the presentation and to bring about as natural a look as possible.